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A.I. and data science are leading a technological revolution around the world, but there are numerous barriers standing in the way of many companies to take advantage of its benefits.  Finding quality, experienced talent can be difficult and expensive.  In addition, sometimes internal projects need unanticipated help, quickly!
Who we are

American expertise combined

with Vietnamese talent

Saigon A.I. is a western owned and managed boutique agency with 20+ years of experience to help consult and enhance the analysis and design for your A.I. and ML projects.  Unlike other service companies, we are happy to work with and assist your internal engineering and data teams when you need it the most and can provide the extra boost to move your projects forward.  Our unique company culture is respectful and mindful, making us an ideal partner for R&D and tough use cases.

We work with customers around the world, including some recognizable names that will give you the confidence that we have the experience and ability to help your company.

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